simple pleasures - goats out for a walk

yes, this is one of the many reasons i love living here.....
my lovely neighbors K + C take the kids out for a stroll most weekends.
You sure don't get to see things like this in the big city.

a morning walk - postcards from my island

i love my island..........
i live and work on an island in puget sound.
bainbridge island is just a 35 minute ferry
ride from downtown seattle, yet another world.

spring and early summer has been a bit gray.
so today, i felt i just needed some fresh air and a
good walk.

here are some photos of my world.
my morning walk at fort ward state park.......
yes, it's raining!!!

     a sweet little hummingbird perched on a branch

fields of happiness

this spring my good friend larry d and i decided
to take a day trip up to the skagit valley to shoot
the tulips in bloom - this year everything ended
up blooming much later than expected so there were
no tulips in bloom yet, but the fields of daffodils
were spectacular.

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