thanksgiving at the barn house

this thanksgiving i was an orphan of sorts. now, don't get me wrong - i had several seattle invites. but,   having been in the city several times in the last few weeks i just really wanted to stay put here on the island, as it's so beautiful this time of year with all the loveliness of fall.

so, i had resolved myself to the possibility that i may be spending thanksgiving alone as no island plans had evolved. but, at the last moment i weaseled an invite to the barn house for a fabulous feast with 30 other guests.

I realized while being there, truly what i like most about the holiday was
the coming together of the multi-generations of people.
from the tots to the teens and everyone in between, on up to the elders.
 talking with young and old and sharing in conversation and good food.

island observations

the gathering

although it is a rainy and blustery day, there is much activity in the garden today. The robins are gathering the plump berries from the hawthorn and madrona trees.

the wild rose

after the thanksgiving feast a good walk was in order.
during the late spring on bainbridge island, the wild rose blooms along the roadways....

i often wander down to fort ward,
to experience the subtle beauty of the brambles in the park and along the beach and pathways.
and now that it is late fall the rose hips are present.

as i returned home -
i spotted this exquisitely unique bird nest, made of mud and moss and hanging from a limb along the roadside.

in the garden....the old rose was just coming into bloom with such an over the top delicious fragrance!!

art in the barn

while enjoying thanksgiving at the barn house, i kept thinking back to an event i attended here in the late summer. the big barn art open studio and sale, featuring quilts by artist, ann fernald borwick. eye-poppingly gorgeous modern heirloom art quilts.
the evening preview party included many good friends, food, wine, music and a bonfire.



i'am thankful for the beauty that surrounds me each and every day

i appreciate the small things in life
the sounds of the birds singing at dawns first light.

the golden hour at the end of the day....
when the light is magical,

and i can take a walk down to the beach.

i'm thankful for the summer garden when it's in bloom

and the warmth of my kitty cat curled up and purring on my lap

but most of all......

i'am thankful for the loved ones.

Lorelle - Thanksgiving Day

photography-Lorelle 1-6, image7: graime,image8 etsy


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