untouched by time - San Sebastian del Oeste

I recently had a delightful visit to the beautiful and very picturesque historic town of San Sebastian del Oeste. A charming 17th century colonial town, untouched by time, nestled deep within the Sierra Madre mountains. We traveled about 90 minutes by car from the beaches of Puerto Vallarta through pine tree forests and beautiful mountain scenery before reaching San Sebastian del Oeste.

The streets are cobbled, and the town is peaceful and well preserved  -  almost movie set perfect!

The day was spent wandering the streets shooting photos and exploring this charming town.
When hunger called, we stopped for lunch at Los Arcos de Sol - a restaurant and hotel on the main square, where we met the friendly owner Jesus. Born in San Sebastion, Jesus left to attend the university in Guadalajara, returning with an entrepenurial spirit to run the restaurant and hotel next door. We loved the homemade cookies that he had packaged and ready to take back to our room.

We checked in for one night at the El Pabellon Mexicano - a historic eleven room home -  turned hotel overlooking the plaza.

There are a handful of food and hotel options and an excellent website for planning a visit can be 
found here .

Photography: lorelle

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