postcards from the island......

life at the beach.....for me, this is what island living is all about. Hope you are all enjoying the summer!


escape......PORT GAMBLE

Having an appetite for something a little different this week......I ventured up to Port Gamble for a country style breakfast at the Port Gable General Store and Cafe. The food was great! The location makes for an easy morning outing from the island and a dose of quaint small town picturesque living.


in bloom.....

hello spring.....I've never been so happy to see you. sun kissed blossoms + blooms - this is what spring looks like on Bainbridge island.



christmas in the country

Every year I like to start the holiday season off with the annual Bainbridge Island weekend event - Christmas in the Country. Travel the country roads on a self guided tour visiting quaint historic cottages and farms that host island artisans and crafts people. I always enjoy this really great weekend event. Today is the last day......so you better get a move on!!


postcards from the island - what fall looks like on Bainbridge Island

the bloedel reserve

The Bloedel Reserve is one of the most beautiful public gardens in the pacific northwest. I make sure to visit as often as I can and always enjoy sharing it with my visiting house guests. It's always at the top of my must see's on Bainbridge island. But, I have a secret......over and over on every visit as I pull up to the gates and they swing open - I drive in and imagine that it's my regal and stately manor house, I play it out in my mind as I walk the grounds - It has a way of making me feel as though I've transported myself right into one of my favorite Jane Austin stories.


simple pleasures - apple harvest

a chill in the air........and apples falling from the trees. I love fall.


end of summer brunch

a beautiful way to celebrate the end of summer......last month we were invited to enjoy a beautiful end of summer brunch in the garden with good friends and family. It was a sunny summer day - we dined in the garden along the shore with a view of blakely harbour .... sipping fresh fruit nectar and prosecco mimosa's.

we dined on colorful garden fresh food prepared with the bounty of the homeowner's garden. after brunch, she invited me to tour the garden and take in the beauty of the setting. a memorable and magical way to say so long to summer.

Photography: (c)  backroads of bainbridge


postcards from the island

island style......
although I'm not the tattoo type........love this bainbridge island tattoo!


in the garden - stems of phlox

In the garden....... I cut the last of the summer blooming phlox. So fragrant, It perfumes the air indoors for days. Sure to be, one of my last bouquet's from the garden.

photos: (c) backroads of bainbridge

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OUT + ABOUT - The Bainbridge Island farmers market

One of my favorite ways to start my weekend, is with a visit to the Bainbridge Island farmers market. Visiting the stalls and planning the weekend menu with what's fresh at the market. Late summer is beautiful and abundant - the stalls overflowing with goodness.

I always start with a visit to La Belle Saison - for my sweet fix! Amazing pies, tarts, cookies and scones. Then,  in need of some sunflowers to brighten my world - I picked up a bouquet from one of my other favorite vendors - Farmhouse Organics.  I can never get enough of summer, and the ripe and tasty heirloom tomatoes - from Butler Green farms.  I'm thinking a caprese salad is in my future!!

Just before departing - I spotted and couldn't resist a little sweet pea bouquet for my desk - it will help bring me joy during my work week. After my morning at the market, Madrone Lane is such a perfect spot to sit and enjoy people watching and a pastry or latte after my morning excursion at the Bainbridge island Farmers Market. I hope your weekend is just as enjoyable as mine has been.

photos: (c) backroads of bainbridge

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oh, summer.........

The simple pleasures of island living - an early morning walk at Johnson Farm on Bainbridge Island.

photo: (c) backroads of bainbridge
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simple pleasures - roadside bouquets from zack and eli's

With my own garden fading fast - but, still in need of some simple blooms to grace the home. I often like to stop while out running errands and put together a roadside bouquet from Zack and Eli's flower stand. Late blooms of colorful dahlia's and sunflowers sit ready for purchase. I love the simple pleasures of these roadside bouquets.

photos - (c) backroads of bainbridge

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sandcastle's by the seashore

Earlier this summer, with my sand pail bucket in hand - I crossed the bridge and visited the shores of Indianola for the annual summertime event celebrating Indianola days. Part of the weekend celebration includes the much anticipated sandcastle contest.  I love this little community filled with cozy cottage's that sit along the bluff's looking out to sea.
Taking place at low tide..... everyone gets to work - young and old and the dogs too! There was much creativity to admire and behold. Thank you to my new twitter and blogger friend fernwoodsy for posting details prior to the event.

photos - (c) backroads of bainbridge

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DAY TRIP - antiques

While out enjoying my summer day trip to La Conner, Washington and around the Skagit Valley - I stumbeled upon a sweet little gift and antiques shop on the premises of Christianson's.  All my favorites in one destination. Beautiful gardens to wander through, plants to purchase, antiques and home decor, and a sweet little cat napping on the windowsill of the gift shop.

photos: (c) backroads of bainbridge
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DAY TRIP - La Conner farms and produce

I love filling my summer with road trips to quaint little towns that are close to home. Getting off the beaten path,  traveling the picturesque roads with views of farms and pastures. Stopping at every farm stand I encountered along the way. A perfect day trip enjoying La Conner, Washington.

Savoring the simple pleasures of summer.

Photos: (c) backroads of bainbridge
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